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About Us

J-1 Physician Waiver

About Us

16 years of experience
Visa Immigration

Celeste Tabriz is a bonded immigration consultant, with a degree in Criminal Justice, she is also a certified paralegal. Her work as a foreign physician consultant over the past 16 years has resulted in an outstanding record of approvals, and public recognition.

In addition to her work as a Foreign Physician Consultant, Celeste continues to further her cause with various social service efforts and community programs.

Her goal and purpose is to make sure that each foreign physician that enters the United States has the opportunity to work in a harmonious environment and to be an asset to the American communities that they serve.


What does the office of
Celeste Tabriz do?

We know that foreign physicians have lives that can be just as complicated and busy as the next person. We understand they have added stress from being a physicial, being in a new country, and speaking a new language, 24/7—not to mention that they must deal with language barriers, racism, marriage problems, legal problems, financial problems, and babysitting—just to name a few.

We are here to listen, to help, and to guide the foreign physician during their stay in the US.

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