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Celeste is one of the best and
she knows how to get you J-1 hardship waiver.
Dr. Manikumar Bheemarasetti
I would highly recommend Celeste Tabriz-Freedman to anyone seeking immigration guidance., whether it is with a J-1 waiver or permanent residency. I was introduced to her in 2015 by one of my friends, a Fulbright alumnus, who had success securing a J-1 waiver with her help. At the time, I had already contacted a well-known immigration lawyer who charged me a hefty amount for our initial consultation, and later told me she could not help me with my J-1 waiver application. if you have ever been in the shoes of a Fulbright scholar seeking a J1 waiver, you would understand distressful it is to be turned down by a reputable lawyer. It was at that time that I contacted Celeste. I called her and could not get her on the phone, and I did not leave a voicemail. She called me back within 15 minutes, and we chatted about my case. Not only did she not charge consultation fees, she took on my case. She has been extremely helpful throughout the process; she was always there whenever my wife or I needed to talk to her. Her strong efforts helped me successfully secure my J-1 waiver on the basis of hardship to my US citizen wife. She also helped me with my application for permanent residency, which was granted last year. Celeste is the best in the world at what she does!!! She is very trustworthy, professional, personable, intelligent and, most important, a hard working person
Igor Akpovo
Fullbright scholar