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The Parker J-1 Assessment

The Parker J-1 Assessment

A beginning guide to assessing your
J-1 Hardship Waiver Obtainment.

Welcome to the Parker J-1 Waiver Assessment.  Making the decision to apply for a hardship waiver can be difficult. Not only are they difficult to get but also there are no guarantees.

Your further is on the line and the reputation of your attorney or representative is on the live as well.

The Parker J-1 Hardship Waiver Assessment allows you and us to make an informed decision on whether you should apply for a waiver.

For the Hardship waiver I found this too that you can there “J-1 Physician Hardship Waiver Going from J-1 to Permanent resident is the hardest road that any physician and their family can be asked to travel. Celeste will help you to understand and be ready for what will come during that process

Parker Assessment

Complete the form below to get your parker assessment score.

Q1. Do have a U.S. citizen spouse or child? *

Q2. Is your U.S. citizen child or spouse Ill? *

Q3. Are you Ill? *

Q4. Are there any military conflicts in your country? *

Q5. Have you or a family member been harmed in any way in your country? *

Q6. In the last two years have you taken your U.S. citizen child or spouse to your country? *